Adults Have Options When They Want To Learn Jazz Piano

October 25, 2016

If you are an adult that wants to learn jazz piano, you can accomplish your goal in a variety of ways. This style of playing is a great way to exercise your creativity. It can also provide you with hours of entertainment.

One way adults can begin their jazz music journey is to take a class from an adult education program. Recreation centers and local schools may be the sites for this type of class. A professional music teacher teachers the class of adults. The teacher helps them learn simple jazz techniques on the piano. The great thing is that adults learn with other others with the same interest in music. This type of class usually requires that students already have some experience playing keyboards.

If you are an adult that wants to play jazz music on the keyboard you can also contact a music school that instructs in a variety of instruments. You can do so by searching for schools in the phone directory or online. Some music schools may advertise in the newspaper too. When you contact the school, ask them if they offer jazz piano classes for adults.

Some adults may wish to learn this style of music from a private music teacher that visits their home. This is ideal for people who do not have time to attend a traditional class with other students. They can learn to play music at home as long as they have their own keyboard instrument. Private lessons are also ideal for prospective adult students who want individual attention from an instructor. They don’t have to compete with other students for the teacher’s attention.

Another option for learning the instrument is to take a course online. Adults sometimes conduct an online search to find Internet classes that provide music instruction for prospective jazz pianists. They can cover lessons as slowly or as quickly as they want from their own computer. There are adults who would rather have this type of class because they enjoy learning independently.

When choosing a method of instruction, it’s important to determine which method best suits your personality and needs. An adult that enjoys the excitement of learning with others would do well to choose a class filled with other eager students. A shy person who doesn’t do well in crowds may wish to pay for private lessons or online lessons. Students who have a small amount of money to pay for lessons may wish to consider an adult education course, which offers more modest tuition.

Regardless of the type of lessons you choose, dedicate the necessary hours to practice the instrument so you can become skilled at playing. When you take time to learn the art of playing, you will end up entertaining your friends and family as you play the piano.

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Jazz Cruises Are the New Easy Cool for Adults

October 25, 2016

It used to be that cruises were perceived as ideal vacations for the elderly, and then it became a family pleasure, with tons of activities for kids, on board and on shore. Enter the Baby Boomer-specialized cruises for adults, jazz cruises. Designed for music-lovers, jazz cruises run four or five to seven days and mostly take in stops around Florida and the Caribbean.

For example, the 2012 Smooth Jazz Cruise features sax great David Sanborn as host, with the likes of Marcus Miller and Kim Waters. Special guest will be Smokey Robinson. In fact, dozens of jazz legends and Grammy-award winners are part of the entertainment package on jazz cruises.

Music-based cruises, especially jazz, are aimed at the traveler who not only loves music, but wants the relaxation of a cruise with other like-minded souls, and an mature adult atmosphere, a genuine getaway from the everyday. The benefits of a soothing cruise and port visits coupled with great music make for a perfect escape.

Other cruise companies stage themed music cruises, not just jazz, and target middle-aged adults. These include classical and string quarter, “malt-shop” memory (think The Beach Boys and 1960s bands), and even new age. Music is the catalyst and the bonus to a beautiful holiday.

The industry leader is Jazz Cruises. This tour company arranges some of the best jazz musicians in the world to entertain guests on the luxury Holland America M/S Westerdam. Cruises run over the New Year, often with lavish parties, and through the winter months. So popular have these become that they sell out very quickly. Prices vary, of course, depending upon the type of cabin and number of people.

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